urbanhusky is an independent electronic music producer from Austria with a heart for music and a mind of dreams.

All of my music is royality free in the sense that I'm not part of a collection society or performing rights organisation (i.e.: "GEMA-frei", or "AKM-frei").

Songs from 2013, finally released.

An album with an ambient and softer side to it.

First steps
A chiptunes-inspired album, taking the iconic sounds of old game console sound chips and combining them outside the limitations of the original hardware.
Add a sparkle of modern effects and you've got an album that invokes images of classic game genres.

Off the Record
This is the 0th album. It features tracks which did not quite make it into the first album.
A chiptunes inspired sound, using only chipsounds from classic game console hardware with a dash of modern effects and mixing.

Here be random oddities. You have been warned :)